Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trevor Eddolls - IBM Champion 2012

The e-mail arrived this past week confirming that I’d been recognized as an IBM Champion 2012. I’ve been an IBM Champion since 2009, although the name has changed from IBM Data Champion, through IBM Information Champion, to just IBM Champion over the years.

But what does it mean? According to IBM: “An IBM Champion is someone who makes exceptional contributions to the technical community. Contributions can come in a variety of forms, and popular contributions include blogging, speaking at conferences or events, moderating forums, leading user groups, and authoring books or magazines. Educators can also become IBM Champions; for example, academic faculty may become IBM Champions by including IBM products and technologies in course curricula and encouraging students to build skills and expertise in these areas.

“An IBM Champion is not an IBMer, and can live in any country. IBM Champions share their accomplishments and activities in their public profiles on IBM developerWorks, making it easy for the IT professional community to learn more about them and their contributions, and engage with them.”

So why am I an IBM Champion? Well, I don't work for IBM, but I do write about mainframe hardware and software. I blog at and I also blog once a month on the Destination z Web site ( I’m Editorial Director for the well-respected Arcati Mainframe Yearbook ( I’ve also written technical articles that have been published in a variety of journals including z/Journal ( And I chair the Virtual IMS user group ( and the Virtual CICS user group ( I also look after their social networking – you can find information about the groups on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

IBM Champions receive the title for one year, during which they can enjoy the benefits associated with the program – rather than any direct payment from IBM. Existing Champions are eligible to renew their status for the following year, as long as they can demonstrate that they have made significant contributions to the community over the past 12 months.

Are IBM Champions compensated for their role? Sadly (from my point of view) the answer is no. Do IBM Champions have any obligations to IBM? Again the answer is no. IBM Champions have no obligations to IBM. The title recognizes their past contributions to the community only over the previous 12 months. Do IBM Champions have any formal relationship with IBM? No. IBM Champions don’t formally represent IBM nor do they speak on behalf of IBM.

The e-mail did say that as a 2012 Champion I will receive ‘IBM Champion merchandise’ including a shirt, travel umbrella, messenger bag, framed certificate, lanyard, leather luggage tag, assorted paper products, and pin. So, that’ll be nice.

There may not be a financial benefit to being an IBM Champion, but I think it’s a nice way for IBM to recognize people around the world who are helping to promote IBM products and help share information about the products amongst their users.

You can see my profile at

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