Thursday, 1 November 2007

IMS community virtual user group Web site

I was blogging about IMS a couple of weeks ago and at the time I was thinking that there wasn’t a lot of Web-based resources available for IMS sites. So now I’d like to announce the launch of Virtual IMS Connection, the IMS community Web site at

You would have thought that with IMS installed at 95% of the Fortune 1000 companies that the Web would be awash with sites discussing its use, how to improve performance with various hints and tips, and perhaps even a section for people looking for work and companies looking for experience people. Strangely, there seems to be very little out there. But, as I said above, not any longer.

The new Web site at is intended to be a meeting place for all IMS people. It’s a virtual user group. I’m planning to run virtual meetings and hopefully produce a Web-based newsletter for IMS folk. In fact, I plan to have the first session in early December this year.

Now you’re asking how much is this going to cost to join? The answer is nothing at all. You just sign up and then you can take part in the first and all future virtual meetings. And you can join in the discussions.

The Web site will tell you about virtual meetings – the topics and date and time. There’s a section pointing to useful IMS articles that have been published recently, a section for IMS-related resources, and section for IMS events. There is also an IMS news section.

In addition, there is a forum area where IMS experts can share their experiences and useful hints and tips, and ask their peers questions about any aspect of IMS. Lastly, there is a job bank, where people looking for jobs and people needing staff can post their information.

The whole thing depends on user involvement, and the topics for the virtual meetings and the content of the Web site will depend very much on input from the users. I’m hoping that the Virtual IMS Connection Web site will become a major IMS resources and a lively and informative site for IMS people to visit. Please register your interest now – it really is all free.

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