Wednesday, 17 February 2010

DB2 V10 for z/OS beta

IBM has recently announced a beta of DB2 Version 10. It's claimed to provide savings through operational efficiencies, resiliency for business critical information, rapid application and warehouse deployment for growth, and enhanced query and reporting facilities.

IBM claims that compared to previous DB2 versions, some customers can achieve a 5% to 10% out-of-the-box CPU savings for traditional workloads and up to 20% out-of-the-box CPU savings for non-traditional workloads. IBM also suggests that productivity improvements in DB2 10 for database and system administrators can drive additional operational efficiencies and cost savings. Synergy with other System z platform components reduces CPU use by leveraging the latest processor improvements, larger amounts of memory, solid-state disk and z/OS enhancements.

In terms of scalability, DB2 10 delivers the ability to handle up to 20,000 concurrent active users on a single DB2 subsystem, many more than in previous versions. SQL and pureXML enhancements in DB2 10 help extend usability, improve performance, and ease application portability to DB2 for z/OS.

IBM goes on to say that built-in data visualizations and graphical page-based reports extend Query Management Facility (QMF) 10's usage from the traditional technical user to a broader community of business end users. QMF's new metadata layer, they say, simplifies the underlying data model, empowering non-technical users with self-service reporting and extends access to DB2 for z/OS across the enterprise.

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